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Configuring netflow data export on a Native IOS device

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To configure NDE use the same commands as for the IOS device. In the enable mode on the Supervisor Engine, issue the following, to set up the NetFlow export version.

switch(config)# mls nde sender version 7

The following commands break up flows into shorter segments.

switch(config)# mls aging long 128
switch(config)# mls aging normal 32

On the Supervisor Engine 1 issue the following to put full flows into the netfow exports:

switch(config)# mls flow ip full

If you have a Supervisor Engine 2 or 720 running IOS version 12.1.13(E) or higher, issue the following commands instead:

switch(config)# mls flow ip interface-full
switch(config)# mls nde interface

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