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Netflow applications

Product Company Licence Description
NetFlow Analyzer AdventNet commercial NetFlow Analyzer is a web-based bandwidth monitoring tool that uses Cisco NetFlow technology.
WANGUARD Andrisoft commercial Provides traffic monitoring & DDoS protection software for IP networks analyzed with NetFlow, sFlow, IPFIX or Port Mirroring.
NetUsage Apoapsis commercial NetUsage product for network traffic monitoring, capacity planning, business justification and cost control.
PeakFlow Arbor Networks commercial Traffic Analysis, NetFlow collection and Security DDOS monitoring, and peering analysis.
Pandora FMS Artica Soluciones Tecnológicas commercial Network and server monitoring fully compliant with NetFlow.
Cflowd Analysis Software Caida freeware Freeware Collector and Reporting.
Caligare Flow Inspector Caligare commercial Realtime traffic monitoring, smart flow filtration and network anomalies detection.
NetFlow Monitor CESNET freeware NetFlow Monitor (NF) is tool for processing and evaluating NetFlow Exports from Cisco routers.
eHealth Traffic Accountant Computer Associates commercial Enterprise and Service Provider network performance monitoring; uses Cisco NetFlow Collector.
NetFlow Tracker Crannog Software commercial Traffic analysis, NetFlow collection and low cost Windows-based NetFlow product.
NetFlow Reporting System Dynamic Networks freeware Is a step by step process to build a detailed Network Usage Reports using RRDTool, flow-tools, FlowScan, and CUFlow.
Evident Analyze Evident Software commercial Evident Software for NetFlow based Billing and Traffic Analysis.
NetFlow Insight Hewlett Packard commercial Traffic Analysis, NetFlow collection using HP Insight Network Performance Monitoring.
Aurora IBM commercial NetFlow Aurora Product is a Flow Based Profiling System.
InfoVista NetFlow Infovista commercial Enterprise and Service Provider Network Performance Monitoring.
IsarFlow Reporting Software IsarNet commercial Capacity Planning, Troubleshooting, Traffic Anomalies Detection, QoS Monitoring (Netflow & SNMP), Accounting, extremely scalable architecture.
StealthWatch Lancope commercial StealWatch unifies and optimizes behavior-based anomaly detection and network operations.
NFSen & NFDump Peter Haag
freeware Web based netflow analyzer, RRD database, history, alerts, BSD license
Micromuse Usage Monitor Micromuse commercial  
Flowd Mindrot freeware Freeware NetFlow collector that support v5, v7 and v9. Supports IPv4 and IPv6 flows.
Flow Viewer NASA freeware Flow-tools Reporting GUI.
NetQoS NetFlow Reporter Analyzer NetQoS commercial Traffic Analysis and NetFlow collection for Enterprises and Service Providers.
PRTG Paessler commercial Windows software that supports Netflow.
Psyche Ponte Technologies opensource Security analysis for small-to-mid size organizations.
Panoptis Panoptis freeware Security Monitoring.
Scrutinizer Plixer International commercial Free commercial grade NetFlow analyzer.
Internet Usage Billing Portal Software commercial  
Flow Tools Splintered freeware Freeware Collector Software.
Stager Uninett freeware NetFlow Reporting Solution.
Aruba Flow Valencia Systems commercial Powerful Yet Cost-Effective Application Flow Reporting.
IT Monitor Wired City and OSISoft commercial  

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