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Configuring netflow data export on a CatOS device

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In privileged mode on the Supervisor Engine enable NDE:

switch> (enable) set mls nde <ip_address> 2000

Use the IP address of your NetFlow Collector and configured listening port. UDP port 2000 is used as an example.

We recommend using NetFlow version 7, which is the most recent export version supported by Cisco switches.

switch> (enable) set mls nde version 7

The following command is required to set up flow mask to full flows.

switch> (enable) set mls flow full

The following commands break up flows into shorter segments.

switch> (enable) set mls agingtime long 128
switch> (enable) set mls agingtime 32

If you want to account all traffic within the specified VLANs rather then inter VLAN traffic use CatOS 7.2 or higher and issue the following command:

switch> (enable) set mls bridged-flow-statistics enable 

And enable NDE:

switch> (enable) set mls nde enable

To see current NetFlow configuration and state issue the following commands:

switch> (enable) show mls nde
switch> (enable) show mls debug

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